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Party tips from C.C. the Clown of Stafford County, Northern Virginia

Party Planning advice to help your party be a success

Over the past 12 years, C.C. has worked with hundreds of families. Here are the best tips C.C. received for helping the party run smoothly.

  • On the invitation, start the party 30 minutes before C.C. arrives. This insures that late guests don't miss a minute of the show.
  • Plan simple activities for the guests when they arrive. For example, kids can decorate a personal goodie bag or pinata bag to use at the party.
  • Find a friendly adult to escort C.C. into the party.
  • Have an activity planned while C.C. is face painting. Face painting is done in groups by character, and an activity occupies kids waiting their turn. Why not plan on a game or two? Simple, fun games like Pin the Nose on the Clown, Hot Potato or Duck Duck Goose are excellent for the face painting session.
  • At the end of the party, arrange an escort for C.C. out to her car. This is also a perfect time to pay C.C., out of sight from the children.
  • Relax  and have fun!!
Photograph of a C.C. facepaint design, this one, leopards.
Full face painting is a C.C. specialty!

How to get the most from your party
Sometimes, adults assume that a party entertainer can also serve as a babysitter or child care specialist. The role for a children's entertainer, is laughter - not discipline. To get the most out of the party, please be present during the entertainment. Simply being with the children gives them the security to relax and have fun while also maintaining polite manners. It helps, too, to gently ask adults to take their conversations away from the entertainment area. If children hear the grown-ups chatting, this distracts them from the show they have come to enjoy.

Photograph of C.C. the Clown funny face.

C.C. the Clown says: Silly can be an art form, too!

"CC's face paintings are like works of art!  The tigers look ready to pounce, the glittery butterflies are set to flutter away and the pirates are moments away from mutiny.  After a party with CC, it's one of the few times when I don't want my children to wash their faces before going to bed in hopes that the magic will last another day or so."

-A party mom

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