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Safari Sue's Great Animal Adventure

Photograph of Safari Sue holding a special guest
Safari Sue and Mattie
Reading, fun, and books are part of the journey with Safari Sue!

Travel to far away places with Safari Sue, Bugaloo, and special guests such as Mattie the cockatoo, as they share their love of books with you. Your library and preschool audiences will enjoy this show for the magic, the puppets, the birds and stories presented by Safari Sue.

Join Safari Sue as she teaches her audience how to train her wild bird Bugaloo (who is actually a puppet - no worries). Travel on an adventure as Safari Sue tells the story of Ellie the Elephant who escapes the circus in search of her native home. 

Imagine her astonishment when she realizes her baby white tiger has escaped from his cage and is loose in the library! Does Safari Sue learn how reading could help her find her tiger? Come along on this adventure and see!!

This show is packed with laughter, fun and excitement for children of all ages. Be the hit of your library or daycare center when you book Safari Sue for your next event. (Safari Sue may bring Mattie, or she may bring the African Gray parrot or the conure parrot. All 3 birds are tame animals used to being with people. In addition to being people-friendly, these birds will be wearing a fun, colorful item that the kids may think is an overall, yet is actually a diaper. This keeps the Safari Sue performance area very clean!)

Photograph of Safari Sue, a kids entertainer who promotes reading. Photograph of Lisa Long as Safari Sue, with Bugaloo!
It seems like Bugaloo's turn to listen. Safari Sue is excited by her discovery!
Photograph of Bugaloo with Safari Sue, portrayed by Lisa Long. Photograph of Lisa Long performing the Safari Sue reading show.
Safari Sue listening to Bugaloo! Bugaloo has something to share with the kids.

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