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Every book is an adventure ready to be explored!

Photograph of Lisa Long as Maggie-nificent ready to lead the kids to read!
Maggie's Marvelous Magic
Is A Musical Memory!
With music and magic, Maggie-nificent leads the audience on a magical reading journey!

Join Maggie for a fun adventure full of music and dancing that involves children of all ages. Watch Maggie transform the audience from dancers to magicians as they help her with magical illusions that bring astonishment and giggles to the audience.  Gather with Maggie as she teaches the children about the Dewey decimal system; at the same time, they teach Maggie the importance of reading more books and watching less T.V.   Once Maggie finishes her magic show, join her as she twists balloons in celebration of what she has learned with the children. This show is sure to bring laughter and giggles along with wonderful memories to young elementary school readers!
Picture of Lisa Long ready to perform the Maggie-Nificent reading show.

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