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C.C. the Clown at the office in Northern Virginia and elsewhere!

Photograph of CC entertaining on the cover of Arlington Connection magazine
C.C. the Clown says:
A clown is sunshine on a rainy day!

C.C. is unbelievable!!  We just love her at
our company picnics.  Her games are
always so creative and her ma gic show
leaves everyone in stitches.  We look
forward to seeing her every year!!

- Linda
Finnigan Henderson Law Firm

Company Events & Picnics

Another favorite on C.C.’s calendar are company picnic’s.  C.C. is a regular entertainer at several large Washington D.C. law firms, CVS Pharmacy and Hallmark.  C C. is a favorite on many military bases for unit family days and other special events.  C.C. has had the privilege of performing for the Senators and Congressmen at the Russell Senate Building as well as several embassies!

Photo of CC and her audience helper.   Photo of the audience helper smiling as C.C. does magic balloon trick.
Helper finds the little balloon!

Specializing in children’s games, C.C. gets everyone involved with the fun.   Parents and children alike participate in the activities and no one leaves without remembering the fun and games C.C. brought to the day! And just in case someone might forget the time they spent with C.C., she also offers face painting for everyone, from the young to the mature, from the short to the not so short! Everywhere they go, company guests will be reminded of the fun they had at your event!

Photo of CC performing a corporate event.   Photo of C.C. making a ballon hat for helper at a company picnic.
C.C. performing at corporate event
Kids of every size like C.C.!

3 reasons why C.C. is a hit at your company event:

  1. Lots of fun for everyone at the picnic, including the boss.
  2. 11+ years experience providing family friendly entertainment.
  3. Kids love C.C. !
Photograph of CC creating a balloon animal

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